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The experience of Israel in the development of innovations and tourism in the conditions of military operations is considered. The indicators of the innovative activity of the country according to various global ratings are analyzed. The factors that contribute to the successful formation of Israel's innovation ecosystem, which integrates education, science, business and the state, are identified. Considered successful cases of innovative activity of the defence complex of Israel, which today is the main employer of the country and the sphere of attraction of investments. Attention is drawn to the system of assimilation, the transfer of advanced developments carried out by order of the military department to the civilian sphere, the involvement of teams of researchers and developers to develop products for non-military markets and, more often, to adapt defence technologies for civilian applications. The role in the development of the innovation ecosystem of the military departments of innovation and technology development, which attract significant investments, build incubators and accelerators for the creation and development of military innovative developments, was noted. Emphasis was placed on the need to borrow the experience of forming a system of support for innovative ideas and creating conditions for their implementation for military personnel after the end of service. It was noted that the priority for Israeli society and the state is human life at all stages, caring for it. This is laid in the basis of national security, permeates all spheres of Israeli state policy. The elements of the Israeli start-up ecosystem, which allow to support ambitious projects in the field of tourism in the conditions of military conflicts, have been studied. It is emphasized that it is the lost benefits (revenues not received and tourists who refused to travel), and not military budgets, that determine the main economic losses of tourism from the war. It was noted that Israel actively promotes the safety of most of its territories, involving other countries, which today does not make Ukraine and its tourist offices relatively safe regions. Individual start-ups in the field of tourism that offer applications, platforms, services that help in various aspects of travel, staying in hotels, planning routes, etc. are considered. It is concluded that Israel is currently the country with the greatest potential for innovation in the high-tech sector and the tourism space, thanks to an effective technological start-up ecosystem. Israel demonstrates the highest level of flexibility: the country cannot actively restore its own tourism, but it successfully offers technological solutions to the global tourism industry through a start-up ecosystem. It is completely impossible to copy the Israeli system of support for innovations, start-ups, tourism, Ukraine, and other states. However, Israel's experience in attracting funding from abroad and private investment, supporting R&D, applied research, stimulating youth to innovation and creativity, supporting the education of military personnel, creating territorial centres for the support of knowledge and innovation, creating a comfortable environment for the exchange of experience and technologies, development of tourism in a country with constant military conflicts is worth studying and adapting.


innovation, tourism, start-ups, innovation ecosystem, Israel experience, innovative products and technologies for the army, knowledge and innovation support centres, military adaptation


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