Section "Economics": Economic and legal problems of sustainable development


It is emphasized that recently in Ukraine there is a tendency to reduce the volume of foreign investment, but the effective implementation of economic, social and environmental components of sustainable development requires adequate investment. Among the main reasons holding back the inflow of foreign investment in Ukraine, in numerous studies of scientists, there is a failure to comply with the guarantees provided by the investment legislation of Ukraine. It is noted that today Ukraine has adopted a large number of regulations governing the activities of foreign investors and provide certain guarantees for the protection of foreign investors, but in the process of investing investors face problems related to the implementation of these guarantees. This is due to the fact, that the Ukrainian legislator is constantly changing the law on investment activities. That is why the authors chose the purpose of the article to study the positive experience of some European countries, which have chosen a course of sustainable development, to guarantee the protection of foreign investors. Emphasis is placed on the fact that the main strategic goal of the governments of these countries is to create great opportunities for the provision and implementation of such guarantees. Certain guarantees for the protection of foreign investors in some European countries that have chosen the course of sustainable development, namely: Great Britain, France, Germany, Hungary, Poland and the Czech Republic, have been studied. Based on this study, a number of guarantees for the protection of foreign investors have been identified, which make sense to introduce in Ukraine.


sustainable development, bilateral investment agreements, guarantees to foreign investors, foreign experience


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