Provisions on Article Review

The editors of the journal “Economics and Law” support global standards for the transparency of the review process, which is confidential. The executive secretary and reviewers do not provide information relating to the manuscript (including information about its receipt, content, review process, criticism of reviewers and the final conclusion) to anyone other than the authors and reviewers themselves.
Reviewers are appointed by the Chief Editor of the journal or his deputies. Members of the editorial board of the journal or third-party specialists who have profound professional knowledge and experience in a specific scientific field, usually a PhD, are invited for review. In some cases, the issue of selecting reviewers is decided at a meeting of the editorial board.
When a manuscript is received by the editor, it is checked by the executive secretary for compliance with formal requirements. At the same time, an external review of a doctor of science, a specialist in the research topic, is attached to the manuscript. Then the executive secretary manuscript is sent for a blind review by one of the members of the editorial board of the journal. In this case, the manuscript removes all the data that can identify the author of the article. After passing a blind review by a member of the editorial board, a review is being prepared - a questionnaire, which is assessed by the Editor-in-Chief of the journal and the other members of the editorial board. After that, the author is informed of the decision of the Chief Editor and the editorial board regarding the acceptance or non-acceptance of the manuscript for publication. Additionally, the author may be provided with the comments of the reviewer without specifying his name or any other information that allows identifying the reviewer from among the members of the editorial board of the journal.
Reviewing articles is free of charge.
The final decision on the possibility and expediency of publication is made by the Editor-in-Chief or, on his instructions, by a member of the editorial board and, if necessary, by the meeting of the editorial board as a whole.
Articles published in the journal "Economics and Law", within 10 days after the publication of the next issue of the publication, are posted in PDF format on the journal’s website and placed in international scientometric databases for a month, which significantly increases their citation level.
Distribution of copies of the journal, remained after the implementation of the mandatory distribution, is carried out according to the list approved by the Academic Council of the IELR NAS of Ukraine.