Provisions on Article Review

Policy review and publication
The editorial "Economics and Law" supports international standards of transparency of the review, which is confidential. Executive Secretary and reviewers do not report information concerning the manuscript (including information on its receipt, content, process review, criticism by reviewers and final opinion) to anyone other than the authors and reviewers.
Reviewers appoints chief editor or his deputy. To review involved members of the editorial board or foreign experts who have deep expertise and experience on specific scientific direction, usually doctors. In some cases, the selection of reviewers decided at a meeting of the editorial board.
Reviewer within 14 days preparing opinion on the ability to print the article. Terms of review may in each case subject to change conditions for the most objective evaluation of the quality of materials, but should not exceed one calendar month.
After reviewing the material reviewer fills the appropriate form, which indicates its observations and recommendations that can be used in finalizing the paper. In the specified form and shall contain one of the following conclusions: publish an article in the author's edition, take a paper for publication after making corrections by the author, reject the article without further consideration.
Reviewing articles carried free of charge.
The final decision on the possibility and expediency of the publication The editor is taken or on his behalf - a member of the editorial board, and if necessary - the meeting of the editorial board as a whole. A complete list of printed items recorded minutes of the meeting of the Academic Council IEPD NAS of Ukraine, which is relevant note on the second page of the cover of the magazine.
Articles published in the journal "Economics and Law", within 10 days after the publication of the print edition next issue placed in the form of PDF-files Online magazine for a month and placed in the international scientometric databases, which significantly increases their citation.
Distribute copies of the magazine, which remained after the mandatory distribution is carried out on the list approved by the Academic Council IEPD NAS of Ukraine.